How To Make Headphones Louder Organically?

Posted on Jul 2, 2019 in Improving headphones

How To Make Headphones Louder Organically?

Ever felt that the headphones that you recently bought are not loud enough? Well, that is the problem with at least some of the people. Be it the headphones of any company, specifications or price. Sometimes, the sound is not just loud enough for the user. In such a situation, you sometimes might feel that the investment you made is a waste.

Companies that manufacture these devices have to follow the set guidelines. And the loudness level is clearly mentioned in the guidelines. So it, not their fault. Still, if you want to make headphones louder, here is a piece of text that might help you.

How To Increase The Volume?

There are different methods that one can use to increase the volume.

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This is one of the most basic techniques that you can use

Check whether your device has applied a restriction on the volume levels. Devices are programmed to give optimal performance to the users and it includes the certain preset value of the settings like the white balance of the screen, the range of the microphone and even the volume levels.

It is easy to remove these restrictions on a mobile device but you might have to struggle more on a computer. You can find the concern setting in the sounds and speaker tab in the control window.

If your computer or mobile phone has been pre-equipped with an equalizer, open it and use it. As soon as you open the equalizer, you will find bar-like structures there. They are actually the measurement of different frequencies that are collectively responsible for the quality of the sound that you hear.

Try playing with the bars for some time, while you have your earphones plugged in. You will realize that changing the values of the bars actually has an effect on the sound output of your headphones. Change them to your liking or simply put all of them on their max, to boost headphone volume.

Use Of Softwares

You can download some applications on the mobile phone that can increase the volume of the headphones that you are using. Not all of them work properly so you might have to compromise with the sound quality, just a little. These applications are also designed for computers. They are simple to use.

Difference Due To Electric Output

Ever notices that there is a difference in loudness when you plug the same earphones in different devices. The computer might be louder than the smartphone that you are using. The amount of electricity that flows into the devices also has a role in making headphones louder.

Whether you plug your headphone in a computer or smartphone, there is always a set maximum volume, over which you cannot increase the volume. For some people, this is a serious issue. They just like it louder. So what they can do is, they can either go through the equalizer of their personal computer or they can download third-party software that might help them in increasing headphone volume.