Buying Headsets For Small Heads Was Never So Easy!

Posted on Jun 13, 2019 in Improving headphones, Small heads

Buying Headsets For Small Heads Was Never So Easy!

Traditionally headphones were limited in their shapes and sizes, but with time the modernization has changed the way headphones are made and used. Now you can get headphones with a suitable fit. The purpose though remains the same but the quality has undoubtedly transformed multifold. The types are broadly categorized into

  • Ear speakers- Circumaural and Supra-aural
  • Ear buds
  • Bone conduction headphones

Circumaural is worn around the ear whereas super-aural headphones are used over the ear. The device is basically worn on or around the head and user’s ears. In current times, a diverse range of headphones is available and they act as a combination of headphones with a microphone. They get connected with multiple electronic gadgets. The sizes and shapes are customized and are available in various fits. If you are looking for headphones for small heads or broader ones, the good news is; it’s all available.

headsets for small heads

Fit Is Equally Important

People tend to believe that the audio quality of the headphone is the most important feature to look for when purchasing a headphone. They buy the gear with the best quality and best sounds; later they regret not choosing the headphone with best-fit. The headphone fit is definitely the most important factor when it comes to comfort. No one appreciates constant adjustments or discomfort in the sore temples. The audio equipment primarily comes in standard sizes and does not take into consideration, smaller or narrow head and ears.  As such one should consider the below aspects before purchasing small over ear headphones:

  • Earcup Extension:

The ears have soft tissue and the soreness will increase if the right pair is not selected. Choose for the right extensions and extra slacks.

  • Clamping force:

People with small heads tend to have difficulties as the earphones slip off and fall more frequently. The clamping force makes sure they are placed rightly against your face.

  • Ear Cup rotation:

This plays an important role and the users should select ear cups that provide even pressure on the face and are fixed appropriately.

  • Earcup depth and size:

Numerous options are available and the users must be sure on the shape that suits their head the best. There are three shapes and the comfort varies according to the user’s head and ears.

  • Cushioning and Headbands:

Thin or thick cushioning is the user’s choice and one should research aptly what fits the best for themselves. There are different materials available for the headbands and the small heads should choose the best foam.

The headsets for small heads are available in wired as well as wireless models. The perfect fit for you or your kids is evident.

Comfy Picks Provide Every Feature

Often the users think that if they specifically purchase headsets for small heads; they are missing on the listening experience. But the trust-worthy companies make sure their comfy headphones provide top quality sound, long battery, multiple colors, proper usability, and functionality. They are light-weighted and the users will get top-notch branded headphones.

Whether it is your favorite rock music song or playlist with techno music, you will not miss any fun with the headphones for small heads. Enjoy what you love with the varied range of options available.